Mrs.Hillu Liebelt(ヒル・リーベルト氏)はドイツ出身、1980年からロンドン在住のテキスタイルアーティストで、イギリスをはじめ、日本、ドイツ、ポーランドなど世界各地で展覧会を開かれています。2008年アーツカウンシルイングランドの援助により勝山文化往来館ひしお、イギリスにて個展“DELICATE MATTERS”を開催。今回の個展“STILL MOMENTS”は繊細で感性豊かなタペストリーやオブジェをアートライフみつはしとギャラリー揺の2会場で開催しました。
Hillu Liebelt was born in Trier / Germany and has lived in London since 1980.
Her work has been exhibited in Britain, Ireland, Germany, Poland, Spain and Japan and has been featured in magazines and newspapers, as well as in a book published in Japan (2005): ‘Artists’ Studios in London’ She has been teaching tapestry classes since 1994, gave lectures and held workshops in Britain, the Netherlands and Japan.
The seasons with their contrasting moods have inspired this new exhibition.
Presented will be a series of new tapestries as well as constructed or woven sculptural objects. The tapestries are woven in rayon, silk and cotton, sometimes mounted on aluminum, and are either wall pieces or free standing.
The list in Gallery Yuragi
33 INTO THE UNKNOWN rayon, cotton, silk
34 BETWEEN THE LINE silk, rayon, cotton
35 SNOWDRIFT Ⅰ polyester felt
36 SNOWDRIFT Ⅱ polyester felt
37 SNOWDRIFT Ⅲ polyester felt
38 HIDDEN WORLD Ⅰ rayon, cotton
39 HIDDEN WORLD Ⅱ rayon, cotton
40 LEAVING silk cocoons, stainless steel wire, travertine stone

Into The Nuknown
INTO THE UNKNOWN rayon, cotton, silk

展示風景 In Yuragi exhibition hall

Between The Line
BETWEEN THE LINE silk, rayon, cotton

Snowdrift Ⅱ
SNOWDRIFT Ⅱ (part) polyester felt

Snowdrift Ⅰ
SNOWDRIFT Ⅰ(part) polyester felt

Snowdrift Ⅲ
SNOWDRIFT Ⅲ (part) polyester felt

Leaving 1
LEAVING silk cocoons, stainless steel wire, travertine stone
This installation expresses the Japan earthquake on March 11.2011.

Leaving 2

Leaving 4

Leaving 3

Hidden World 1
HIDDEN WORLD Ⅰ Rayon, cotton

Hidden World 2
HIDDEN WORLD Ⅱ Rayon, cotton


Winter Sun
WINTER SUN silk, rayon, cotton

WINTER SUN work in progress  silk, rayon, cotton

展覧会中に、川島テキスタイルスクールで3日間のワークショップ「立体を織る」の講座を受け持ち、ハードスケジュールをこなして、充実の2週間を過ごされました。京都での展覧会後は、2013年にイギリスで2つの美術館で「STILL MOMENTS」を展示される予定です。


I had a really good time doing this amazing Exhibition.
It was a valuable experience because I met Hillu-san & Lutz-san here. 
Thank you very much for everything.


11/15 22:00 | 展覧会
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